Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What equipment do I need? 

A: All moves can be performed simply with dumbbells and resistance bands!

Specifically… You will need 2 pairs of dumbbells - a heavy set (15-25 lbs or more) and a light set (around 5-15 lbs). When deciding what weights work, consider if you could perform an upper body move like a chest press, bicep curl, etc. for 10 reps with the light pair of dumbbells, and consider if you could perform a lower body move like a squat, lunge, etc. for 10 reps with the heavy pair of dumbbells.

You will also need a mini band (I recommend buying a whole set with every resistance option here) and a long extra light resistance band (I recommend buying this one).

Q: What is the workout split?

A: Every week is a different focus, and every month the split is different. ;) Each muscle group will be worked a minimum of 2-3x weekly.

Q: How many days of workouts are included in the program?

A: There are 5 workouts per week, including warm up routines and cool-down routines. No workout is ever repeated. You will constantly be changing it up!

Q: When are new programs released?

A: You will receive access to the program the second you sign up. You will only be able to see workouts from the month in which you registered, starting at the 1st of the month up until the current week of that month. Every Sunday at 8pm EST, the upcoming week’s workouts will be released for you to review. You can always look back at old workouts from the month, but you won’t see next week’s workouts until next week. You will have access to all previous workouts until the end of the month. At the end of each month, the previous workouts will disappear.

Q: When will I receive access to the workouts?

A: You'll get access immediately upon purchase. Your billing cycle will start from the date that you paid.

Q: How will I get access to the workouts?

A: You can log in on this website via the membership portal.

Q: Is this program customized?

A: No, this is not a custom program. If you'd like one, you can find more info about that here

Q: Is there a nutrition component to this program?

A: Nope. I do, however, offer nutritional guidance for calculating macros and planning meals that you can find more info about here.

Q: I need a substitution for an exercise?

A: There are options (regressions as well as challenges) listed for almost every exercise or workout routine.

Q: I missed a month because I was injured or chose not to lift...what do I do?

A: The workouts are available from the first day of the month to the last day of the month, so regardless of if you use it or not, you are encouraged to write down/take screenshots of the workouts and save them as they will become unavailable when new programs release on the1st.

Q: I need to pause my membership for a month, can I? Can I cancel it at any time?

A: Your membership can be managed by signing into your account and clicking on "Manage Membership". While you cannot pause your membership, you can cancel it at any time.