BBB Glossary


Reps = Repetitions, or one complete motion of an exercise. i.e. We performed 10 reps of a bicep curl, rested, then performed another 10 reps.

Sets = How many times you will repeat that exercise for the set number of repetitions. i.e. We performed 3 sets of 10 reps of bicep curls.

DB = Dumbbell

T = Total Reps

Ea = Reps for each side

AMRAP = As Many Rounds (or Reps!) As Possible

EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute

RDL = Romanian Deadlift

Mtn Climb = Mountain Climbers

Good AM = Good Morning

Rev = Reverse, i.e. Reverse Lunge

Alt = Alternating, i.e. alternating between the left and right legs, perform 10 Alt. Reverse Lunges.