Week 2

(February 11th - February 15th)

 Here’s the low-down on this week:

  1. TIMED INTERVALS - With the exception of Friday’s workout, you’ll be performing circuits that are either 30 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest, or 60 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest. If you get through a round and feel like it’s just way too much rest, decrease your rest period. If you get through a round and can barely catch your breath and need more rest, please add on an extra 10-15 seconds of rest. This is completely scalable to your individual fitness level. :)

2. I’d download the Interval Timer app and use that for ease with your workouts this week.

3. Make sure you perform these circuit style - so if there’s 3 exercises listed for Circuit 1, perform 30 seconds work of exercise one, rest 15 seconds, then perform 30 seconds work of the next exercise, rest 15 seconds, then move on to the third exercise. Then you repeat that entire circuit for the prescribed amount of rounds.

4. I KNOW if you’re truly a busy BOSS babe like I am, you write everything down in your planner. Plan out when EXACTLY you’re going to get this workout in. I don’t care if that means at 11:07 after you walk your dog and water your plants. Get specific and realistic so you can make sure these workouts happen every day. :)

5. For those of you just joining us, make sure ya understand the vocab used for these workouts so you aren’t confused! Check out the glossary for the breakdown of all the funky abbreviations you will encounter.

MONDAY, February 11th: Upper Body - Strength

Each circuit is 30 sec work 15 rest - 4 rounds total

**Rest 1 minute between circuits**

Circuit 1:

  1. Seated DB Shoulder Press


  • Choose light DB’s to start.

  • Keep palms in at 45 degree angle, so facing slightly in towards each other.

  • Sit upright with a nice, long spine and lean back just slightly to keep the core engaged.

  • Press up for 1 second, and slowly lower the weights down for 3 seconds.

  • Regression: Perform standing up.

  • Challenge: Keep one arm up overhead while the other arm performs a press. Alternate sides.


2. Plank Alt Rows


  • Choose light DB’s to start.

  • When you get in your plank, start with your feet wider than hip width for balance.

  • Try not to let your hips rock side to side. Keep glutes squeezed, pelvis tucked slightly.

  • Make sure wrists are directly underneath your shoulders.

  • Regression: Widen stance of feet or drop to knees.

  • Challenge: Bring feet closer together.


3. Plank Ups


  • Even as you press up onto palms, make sure your wrists stay stacked under your shoulders.

  • Keep a straight line from head to toe. Don’t let hips rise.

  • Alternate which hand you press up with.

  • Don’t let hips rock side to side.

  • Regression: Widen the stance of your feet or drop to your knees.

  • Challenge: Bring feet closer together or add in a plank jack at the bottom of the movement.


Circuit 2:

  1. Glute Bridge Chest Fly


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • Keep hips lifted so that hips, knees and ankles are in alignment with one another.

  • Make sure not to bend your arms too much here. You want a micro bend in those elbows so your arms aren’t locked out, but aren’t bent either.

  • Regression: Drop hips.

  • Challenge: Single Leg Glute Bridge (switch halfway through)


2. Alt. Hammer and Bicep Curl


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • Keep a soft bend in your knees here.

  • Do not swing the weights. You control them, not the other way around.

  • Make sure to extend your arms all the way down to the thighs between every rep.


3. Low Plank Jacks


  • Keep shoulders stacked over elbows.

  • Keep hips down in line with body.

  • Hop feet out as wide as they’ll go.

  • Regression: Step feet out one at a time.

  • Challenge: Add mini band around ankles.


Circuit 3:

  1. Bent Over Tricep Kickbacks


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • Keep spine completely straight - pulling shoulders down and back.

  • Core must be engaged to prevent low back from hurting.

  • Soft bend in the knees so they aren’t locked out.

  • Bend over as close to a 90 degree angle as you can.

  • Glue elbows to the sides of your body and simply straight your arms out, squeezing the back of your arms.


2. Wallsit Frontal Raises


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • Press entire back (including low back) into wall.

  • Make sure your knees are directly over your ankles (legs should form a 90 degree angle)

  • Do not swing the weights up, control them on the way up and down.

  • Do not lift weights higher than shoulder height.

  • Regression: Perform a squat to frontal raise instead of holding a wallsit.

  • Challenge: Single Leg Wallsit + Frontal Raises


3. Banded Plank Walk + Pushup


  • Step with same side hand and foot to one side, drop into a pushup. Repeat going the other direction.

  • Keep elbows angled back at 45 degrees.

  • Regression: Get rid of band, and/or drop to knees for pushup.

  • Challenge: Band ankles as well.


TUESDAY, February 12th: Lower Body - Endurance

Each circuit is 60 sec work 20 rest - 3 rounds total

**Rest 1 minute between circuits**

Circuit 1:

  1. Banded DB Squats


  • Choose heavy DB’s.

  • Press knees out into band.

  • Pull shoulders down and back, and try to keep chest upright as much as possible while squatting.

  • As you descend into the squat, ensure your big toes and heels are pressing down into the ground.

  • Regression: No band and/or weights.

  • Challenge: Heavier weights or make it a squat jump with DB’s and band on.


2. Banded Squat to Straight Leg Abduction


  • Keep pressing your knees out into the band.

  • Press through your big toe and heels to stand up from the squat, and squeeze the side of your glute (your gluteus medius) to extend your leg out to the side for that abduction.

  • Regression: No mini band.

  • Challenge: Add a weight.


3. Banded Skaters


  • Think about jumping to the side more than jumping up in the air - if that makes sense…

  • Your gluteus medius should be firing with every hop.

  • Keep your inside leg to the inside, never let it cross behind you.

  • Regression: Keep band on and step side to side, staying low.

  • Challenge: Touch the ground after each hop.


Circuit 2:

  1. Banded Glute Bridge to Abduction


  • Press hips up into the air without arching your back or flaring your ribs.

  • Keep hips, knees, and ankles in alignment.

  • Press through your heels.

  • If feet are too far forward you will feel this more in your hamstrings.

  • If feet are too close to your hips you will feel this more in your quads/knees.

  • With feet directly under your knees, this is a hip (glute) dominant movement.

  • Press knees out into the band at the top of each hip bridge.

  • Regression: No band.

  • Challenge: Feet elevated on a chair OR add a DB.


2. Jump Lunge Jump Lunge Jump Squat


  • Perform a jump lunge on each leg and then a jump squat. Keep alternating through these.

  • Keep your front knee behind your toes, and as you jump up, explode up pointing through the toes.

  • Regression: Perform a lunge on each side and then a squat.

  • Challenge: Add DB’s.


3. Single Leg Burpee (30 sec ea)


  • Just like a normal burpee, but with one leg! ;)

  • This will hit your hamstrings a lot more than a normal burpee would.

  • Regression: Double leg burpee (can take hops out as needed).


WEDNESDAY, February 13th: Upper Body - Endurance

Each circuit is 60 sec work 20 sec rest - 3 rounds total

**Rest 1 minute between circuits**

Circuit 1:

  1. Seated DB Overhead Reaches + Pull Apart


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • Kick your legs out in front of you and lean back slightly to engage your core.

  • Make sure your dumbbells never go any higher than shoulder height on the Pull Apart exercise.

  • On the Pull Apart, squeeze your shoulder blades together.

  • On the Overhead Reach, try to extend your arms up as high as they’ll go.

  • Regression: Do this exercise standing up.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB’s.


2. Alt High Bicep Curl in front and side of body


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • Keep elbows in line with shoulders at all times.

  • Alternate between these two variations of curls, keeping slight bend in the knees and abs braced.

  • Regression: Lighter DB’s.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB’s.


3. Plank Punches


  • Keep a flat back, pelvis tucked slightly.

  • Entire core should be engaged.

  • If hips are rocking side to side at all, widen your feet.

  • Alternate punching with one arm and the other, making sure to full extend the arm out.

  • Regression: Drop to knees or widen stance.

  • Challenge: Feet closer together.


Circuit 2:

  1. Serve the Platter + Bent Arm Lateral Raise


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • With palms up, you push the weights out in front and almost completely straighten out your arms to work your pecs and shoulders.

  • Use your back to pull the weights back into your chest and then rotate your palms and lift your elbows up to shoulder height to work your shoulders.

  • Stay in control of the weights, don’t just swing them around.

  • Regression: Lighter weights.

  • Challenge: Heavier weights.


2. DB Underhand Front Delt Iso + Alt Rear Delt Pull Apart


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • Keep palms facing up in a supinated grip.

  • While one arm holds an isolation to work the front deltoid (shoulder), the other arm flies out to the side by squeezing your shoulder blade back to meet the other to work your rear delt and rhomboid.

  • Alternate sides here.

  • Regression: Perform arms simultaneously or one at a time without the isolation.

  • Challenge: Use extra light mini band around wrists.


3. Push up + DB Pull Through


  • Choose a light DB.

  • Keep dumbbell to the side and slightly back of your left hand.

  • Perform a pushup, then with your right hand, grab the dumbbell and pull it across to your right side.

  • Regression: Widen feet and/or drop to knees.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB.


THURSDAY, February 14th: Lower Body - Strength

Each circuit is 30 sec work 15 rest - 3 rounds total

**Rest 1 minute between circuits**

Circuit 1:

  1. DB Swings


  • Choose a heavy DB.


  • Weight is in your heels, push your hips back and let your chest drop down towards the ground, with just a slight bend at the knees.

  • Your hips should never be lower than where they started, just back further.

  • All of the power you generate to swing the DB up should be coming from your glutes. Your arms virtually do nothing at all.

  • Regression: Good mornings (linked).

  • Challenge: Heavier weight.


2 & 3. DB Suitcase Squat (Left) & (Right)


  • Perform move with DB on one side for 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds and repeat with DB on other side for another 30 seconds.

  • Choose a heavy DB for this exercise, and you will feel this a ton more in not only your legs but your opposite side (obliques baby!!!).

  • Try to stay as upright as possible, don’t let the DB pull you down towards the ground.

  • Regression: Lighter DB.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB and/or add a band above knees.


Circuit 2:

  1. Banded Feet Elevated DB Glute Bridge


  • Choose heavy DB.

  • Press DB into hips as you lift hips up as high as you can with back in neutral position.

  • Press into the mini band to engage glutes better.

  • Press heels into step/chair/bench.

  • Legs should form 90 degree angle when hips are on the ground.

  • Squeeze hamstrings and glutes at the top of each rep.

  • Regression: No mini band and/or weight.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB or add an extra 10-20 seconds to this exercise.


2. DB Iso Hold Banded Alt Lateral Steps


  • Choose light DB.

  • Drop hips slightly so you are in an athletic stance.

  • Quick lateral steps side to side, keeping DB in line with shoulders the whole time.

  • Regression: No DB iso hold or no mini band.

  • Challenge: Double band your legs - place one band above knees and other band around shins/ankles.


3. Low Banded Squat In and Out Hops


  • Stay in a low squat the entire time! Never let hips fully extend.

  • Alternate between a wide and narrow squat, pressing knees out into the band.

  • Regression: No band and/or take out hops.

  • Challenge: Double band your legs - place one band above knees and other band around shins/ankles.


FRIDAY, February 15th: Total Body HIIT

Circuit Protocol: 60 sec work with 15 rest for 4 rounds

**Rest 1 minute between circuits**

  1. Ankle Banded Jumping Jacks


  • Just like a normal jumping jack, but with added resistance.

  • Hop those legs out as far as they’ll go. Definitely don’t choose too heavy of a band for these, we still want good range of motion.

  • Make sure arms come all the way up overhead.

  • Regression: No mini band and/or step it out one side at a time.

  • Challenge: Hold light DB’s in hands.


2. DB Squatting Cross Punches


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • Stay low in a half squat, and pivot on the balls of your feet with each punch.

  • Try to punch across your body and engage your obliques.

  • Keep DB’s in line with shoulders.

  • Regression: No DB’s.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB’s or drop into a full squat.


3. Pushups


  • Your goal is getting your chest as low as possible without compromising form. That means… NO butt up in the air. ;) Keep a straight line from head to toe.

  • Elbows back at 45 degrees, not out to the side.

  • Abs and glutes should be so tight throughout the entire movement.

  • Regression: Drop to knees or put hands on a step/couch/bench.

  • Challenge: Add a clap at the top or put feet on a step/couch/bench.


4. Side shuffles


  • Stay in an athletic stance, hips dropped slightly.

  • Shuffle side to side (2-3 steps per side) as quickly as possible.

  • Regression: Stay low and step it out slowly.

  • Challenge: Add a band around ankles, add a squat at the end of each side shuffle and/or hold a DB at your chest.


5. “Bear” Alt Knee Taps  


  • Keep a flat back at all times.

  • Try to tap your hand to your opposite knee without your hips rocking. Pretend you have a wine glass on your hips and you don’t want it to spill.

  • This will cause you to engage your entire core, shoulders, and quads.

  • Regression: Bird Dogs (linked)