Welcome Busy Babe!

I am so happy you’re here and have committed to prioritizing yourself whilst working hard AF to accomplish all of your career and personal goals.

You’re truly an inspiration, and if you can somehow find time to carve out 30 minutes a day to better yourself, you can do anything.

You’ve done the hard part - committing.

The rest is easy.

Click the button below to pull up the navigation page.

There, you’ll find all of your workouts for the week! You’ll be able to see your current week’s 5 workouts and all the workouts prior to you signing up from the current month. (The second the month is over, these workouts disappear). You won’t be able to see the next week’s workouts until Sunday at 8pm EST before the new week starts.

DON’T FORGET! Make sure you have two pairs of dumbbells (heavy and light), a mini resistance band and an extra light long resistance band for these workouts to reap the full benefits. :)