Booty Accelerator

Booty Accelerator

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This is for all the girls out there who are already crushing their gym routine, but want a little somethin’ extra for those sought-after glutes.

Get the #1 Tool to accelerate your booty gains:

  • Properly activate and engage glute muscles for maximal growth

  • Tighten and lift the glutes

  • Create that "shelf" booty

  • Increase metabolism

  • Blast stubborn areas 

  • Improve overall glute strength, power and endurance.


  • Learn all my booty band secrets

  • Glute Activation / Warm Up tutorial

  • Compound lifts with booty bands

  • "Booty Burner" exercises for the end of a leg session

  • 3 "Booty Burner" circuits

  • Clickable links to photo and video demonstration of each move

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