Bridal Bootcamp eBook

Bridal Bootcamp eBook


To all my newly engaged babes, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!

This ebook provides you with a month-long workout plan to help you start shredding for the wedding, starting with only a few workouts a week for beginners and eventually building up to 5-6 workouts a week!

For those of you that are already seasoned fitness veterans, I’d recommend just doing all 6 workouts every week instead of building upon it, so that it’s not too easy for you.

In this plan you’ll receive:

  • Workout Calendar

  • Helpful Tips and Tricks to accomplish all your #weddingbodgoals

  • 6 uniquely designed workouts that require minimal equipment (can be done from your own home!)

  • 6 workout videos linked to each workout so that you know exactly how to do each move.

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