Monday, April 1, 2019

Lower Body (Pull Focus) 


Timed Intervals:

60 on, 15 off, 50 on, 15 off, 40 on, 10 off, 30 on 10 off.

(Basically… about 4 min per exercise)

For today…

Perform each move in order for 60 seconds, then 50, then 40, etc… resting up to 1 minute in between rounds.  

EXAMPLE: 60 on 15 off for exercises 1-5. Rest 1 minute. 50 on 15 off for exercises 1-5. Rest 1 minute. 40 on 10 off for exercises 1-5. Rest 1 minute. 30 on 10 off for exercises 1-5. DONE.


  1. DB RDL

  2. DB Good AM

  3. Mini Band Single leg RDL + Glute kick back

  4. DB Single leg RDL + lateral raise

  5. DB Swings

  1. DB RDL


  • Choose light dumbbells to start. If you’re used to this movement, go with the heavier DB’s.

  • Using that hip hinge again, reach hips back behind you while maintaining a slight bend in your knees.

  • Keep DB’s as close to your legs are possible throughout the movement.

  • You can stop mid-shin with the weights.

  • Regression: Stop right under the knees.

  • Challenge: Slow 5 seconds on the eccentric or heavier DB’s.


2. DB Good AM


  • Hold heavy DB Behind neck or in front of chest.

  • Keep feet hip width apart, maintaining soft bend in knees.

  • Hip hinge back and go as low as you can, aiming for your chest being parallel with the ground.

  • Regression: Body weight.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB or add a 3 second pause at the bottom of the movement.


3. Mini Band Single leg RDL + Glute kick back


  • Use a light to medium resistance mini band.

  • Switch legs halfway through each round.

  • Hold band in both hands.

  • Keep shoulders pulled back and lats engaged the entire time.

  • Keep slight bend in your standing leg.

  • Bend other leg back to 90 degree angle, foot flexed.

  • As you lower down into the RDL, kick your back leg up towards the ceiling.

  • Regression: No mini band, and/or can hold onto a wall.

  • Challenge: heavier band.


4. DB Single leg RDL + Lateral Raise


  • Switch legs halfway through each round.

  • Choose light weights that you can perform a lateral raise with.

  • Stabilize on one leg and make sure your core is engaged the entire time.

  • Slight bend in the standing leg - knee is not locked out.

  • As you stand and raise the dumbbells out to the side, refrain from lifting them higher than shoulder height.

  • Regression: Double leg RDL.

  • Challenge: After the RDL, go into a reverse lunge and add the lateral raise in at the bottom of the lunge.


5. DB Swings


  • Choose a heavy DB.


  • Weight is in your heels, push your hips back and let your chest drop down towards the ground, with just a slight bend at the knees.

  • Your hips should never be lower than where they started, just back further.

  • All of the power you generate to swing the DB up should be coming from your glutes. Your arms virtually do nothing at all.

  • Regression: Good mornings (linked).

  • Challenge: Heavier weight.