Thursday, April 4, 2019

Lower Body (Push Focus)


Timed Intervals:

60 sec on, 15 off, 50 on, 15 off, 40 on, 10 off, 30 on 10 off.

(Basically… about 4 min per exercise)

For today… (different than yesterday!)

Perform each move in order for 60 seconds, then 50, then 40, etc… resting up to 1 minute in between rounds.  

For Example: 60 on 15 off for exercises 1-5. Rest 1 minute. 50 on 15 off for exercises 1-5. Rest 1 minute. 40 on 10 off for exercises 1-5. Rest 1 minute. 30 on 10 off for exercises 1-5. DONE.


  1. Long Band front racked good AM + Rotation

  2. DB Alternating Deadlift

  3. DB Donkey Kicks - switch halfway through each round

  4. DB Split Jumps

  5. Banded Glute Bridge to Abduction

  1. Long Band Front Racked Good AM + Rotation


  • Make sure to wrap band completely around both feet.

  • Hold Band up in front racked position with hands by shoulders, elbows up.

  • Keep slight bend in knees as you push your hips back.

  • Keep hips pointing straight forward as you rotate the shoulders to one side.


2. DB Alternating Deadlift (1 DB, let go of it between reps)


  • Heavy DB.

  • Just like a normal deadlift, except you’ll alternate which hand is holding the dumbbell every time you stand.

  • Let hips and chest drop as you reach for the ground.

  • Press through heels, squeeze glutes, hamstrings and quads to stand.

  • Regression: Lighter DB.


3. DB Donkey Kicks


  • Alternate halfway through each round.

  • Use heavy DB behind knee if you can.

  • Wrists stay stacked under shoulders, knees under hips.

  • Slight posterior pelvic tilt (tuck hips under and engage abs)

  • Flex working foot, and slowly lift up only until you feel your glute contract.

  • Try not to arch your back in this movement.

  • Regression: Lighter DB or no DB.


4. DB Split Jumps


  • Start with light DB’s.

  • Jump straight up in the air and point through the toes.

  • Land with back knee hovering above the ground.

  • Regression: No weights, and/or no jumping.

  • Challenge: Heavy weights


5. Banded Glute Bridge to Abduction


  • Press hips up into the air without arching your back or flaring your ribs.

  • Keep hips, knees, and ankles in alignment.

  • Press through your heels.

  • If feet are too far forward you will feel this more in your hamstrings.

  • If feet are too close to your hips you will feel this more in your quads/knees.

  • With feet directly under your knees, this is a hip (glute) dominant movement.

  • Press knees out into the band at the top of each hip bridge.

  • Regression: No band.

  • Challenge: Feet elevated on a chair OR add a DB.