Monday, April 8, 2019

Lower Body (Pull Focus) 


Reps - Using the most challenging weight possible to perform all reps of an exercise correctly. You will be going either up or down rep “ladders” (basically your reps will either be increasing or decreasing for every workout this week).

For today…

Perform each exercise for 8 reps for round 1, 12 for round 2, 16 to round 3, etc… going up by 4 reps every round.

Once you get to 24 reps, work your way back down.

As your reps increase, you can decrease your weight if you have the option to. As your reps decrease, you can go back up in weight.


  1. DB RDL

  2. DB Iso Hold Banded Alt Lateral Steps (ea)

  3. Banded Feet Elevated DB Glute Bridge

  4. Single Leg Burpee (ea)

  1. DB RDL


  • Choose light dumbbells to start. If you’re used to this movement, go with the heavier DB’s.

  • Using that hip hinge again, reach hips back behind you while maintaining a slight bend in your knees.

  • Keep DB’s as close to your legs are possible throughout the movement.

  • You can stop mid-shin with the weights.

  • Regression: Stop right under the knees.

  • Challenge: Slow 5 seconds on the eccentric or heavier DB’s.


2. DB Iso Hold Banded Alt Lateral Steps (ea)


  • Choose light DB.

  • Drop hips slightly so you are in an athletic stance.

  • Quick lateral steps side to side, keeping DB in line with shoulders the whole time.

  • Regression: No DB iso hold or no mini band.

  • Challenge: Double band your legs - place one band above knees and other band around shins/ankles.


3. Banded Feet Elevated DB Glute Bridge


  • Choose heavy DB.

  • Press DB into hips as you lift hips up as high as you can with back in neutral position.

  • Press into the mini band to engage glutes better.

  • Press heels into step/chair/bench.

  • Legs should form 90 degree angle when hips are on the ground.

  • Squeeze hamstrings and glutes at the top of each rep.

  • Regression: No mini band and/or weight.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB


4. Single Leg Burpee (ea)


  • Just like a normal burpee, but with one leg! ;)

  • This will hit your hamstrings a lot more than a normal burpee would.

  • Regression: Double leg burpee (can take hops out as needed).