Thursday, April 11, 2019

Lower Body (Push Focus)


Reps - Using the most challenging weight possible to perform all reps of an exercise correctly. You will be going either up or down rep “ladders” (basically your reps will either be increasing or decreasing for every workout this week).

For today…

Perform each exercise for 8 reps for round 1, 12 for round 2, 16 to round 3, etc… going up by 4 reps every round.

Once you get to 24 reps, work your way back down.

As your reps increase, you can decrease your weight if you have the option to. As your reps decrease, you can go back up in weight.


  1. Broad Jump + Burpee

  2. Banded DB Goblet Squats

  3. Banded Squat Jacks

  4. Mini Band Rev Lunge to Short Rev Lunge

  1. Broad Jump + Burpee


  • Drop down into a squat, swing arms back behind you and then explode forward as far as you can jump.

  • Land in a squat and immediately place hands on the ground and jump out into a plank. Immediately jump back up into a squat and turn around.

  • Regression: Squat, then walk hands out into a plank. Walk feet to hands and squat down before you stand up and repeat.

  • Challenge: Add in a pushup at the bottom of the plank.


2. Banded DB Goblet Squats


  • Try a medium or heavy band above knees

  • Hold a heavy DB up at your chest, challenging your core.

  • Drop hips straight down between your feet.

  • Press knees out into the band.

  • Regression: Body weight with band on.

  • Challenge: Heavier band or heavier DB.


3. Banded Squat Jacks


  • Place medium to heavy mini band above knees.

  • When you hop feet out wide, immediately land into a squat with your knees behind your toes.

  • Try to keep the transition between jump feet together and landing back in a squat quick.

  • Regression: No band, OR keep band on and step out into a squat and step back to center, alternating legs.

  • Challenge: Add a weight.


4. Mini Banded Rev Lunge to Short Rev Lunge


  • Try light or medium band above knees to start.

  • Perform a normal reverse lunge, then come up about halfway to perform another reverse lunge just a “shorter” one.

  • Keep constant tension on the standing leg and glute.

  • Regression: No mini band or hold onto something like a table or pole.

  • Challenge: Heavier band or add DB’s.