Monday, April 15, 2019

Lower Body (Pull Focus) 


Focus will be on working as quickly and efficiently as you can with good form for 14 minute AMRAP’s (i.e. perform as many rounds as possible in 14 minutes). Try to take minimal rest until the AMRAP is over.

For today…

The first circuit will go UP in reps and the second circuit will go DOWN in reps.

As your reps increase, you can decrease your weight if you have the option to. As your reps decrease, you can go back up in weight.


AMRAP 1 - 12 minutes: Increase reps of each exercise by 2 each round

  1. 8 DB RDL

  2. 16 Low Plank Jacks

  3. 20 DB Swings

AMRAP 2 - 12 minutes: Decrease reps of each exercise by 2 each round

  1. 20 DB Alternating Deadlift

  2. 20 Banded Uni Glute Bridge (ea)

  3. 20 ea Mini Banded Skaters

AMRAP 1 - 12 Minutes: Increase reps of each exercise by 2 each round

  1. 8 DB RDL’s


  • Choose light dumbbells to start. If you’re used to this movement, go with the heavier DB’s.

  • Using that hip hinge again, reach hips back behind you while maintaining a slight bend in your knees.

  • Keep DB’s as close to your legs are possible throughout the movement.

  • You can stop mid-shin with the weights.

  • Regression: Stop right under the knees.

  • Challenge: Slow 5 seconds on the eccentric or heavier DB’s.


2. 16 Low Plank Jacks


  • Keep shoulders stacked over elbows.

  • Keep hips down in line with body.

  • Hop feet out as wide as they’ll go.

  • Regression: Step feet out one at a time.

  • Challenge: Add mini band around ankles.


3. 20 DB Swings


  • Choose a heavy DB.


  • Weight is in your heels, push your hips back and let your chest drop down towards the ground, with just a slight bend at the knees.

  • Your hips should never be lower than where they started, just back further.

  • All of the power you generate to swing the DB up should be coming from your glutes. Your arms virtually do nothing at all.

  • Regression: Good mornings (linked).

  • Challenge: Heavier weight.



AMRAP 2 - 12 minutes: Decrease reps of each exercise by 2 each round

  1. 20 DB Alternating Deadlift


  • Heavy DB.

  • Just like a normal deadlift, except you’ll alternate which hand is holding the dumbbell every time you stand.

  • Let hips and chest drop as you reach for the ground.

  • Press through heels, squeeze glutes, hamstrings and quads to stand.

  • Regression: Lighter DB.


2. 20 Banded Uni Glute Bridge (ea)


Start with a light or medium band if you’re new to this move, otherwise grab a heavy mini band.

  • Keep knees stacked over ankles.

  • Chin stays tucked, arms out to the side or bent at your side.

  • Keep the lifted leg at a 90 degree angle, foot flexed.

  • Get a nice 2 second squeeze at the top of each rep.

  • Be careful not to have the ribs flaring out.

  • Regression: No band or lighter band.

  • Challenge: Heavy band + elevate feet on a bench.


3. 20 ea Mini Banded Skaters


  • Think about jumping to the side more than jumping up in the air - if that makes sense…

  • Your gluteus medius should be firing with every hop.

  • Keep your inside leg to the inside, never let it cross behind you.

  • Regression: Keep band on and step side to side, staying low.

  • Challenge: Touch the ground after each hop.