Friday, August 2, 2019

Conditioning + Core



This week we are focusing on much higher repetitions. This means you’ll need to choose a lighter weight option than you usually would for most exercises. Practice good form most importantly. :)

For today…

50 reps each x 3 rounds

Can rest in between exercises as long as necessary! :)


50 reps each x 3 Rounds

  1.  DB Swings

  2. Wrist Banded Plank Alt Step Outs (total - 1 step out is 1 rep)

  3. Banded Glute Bridge to Abduction

  4. Low Banded Squat in and out hops (in and out is 1)

  5. Plank Pike Ups

  1.   DB Swings

  • Choose a medium to heavy DB.


  • Weight is in your heels, push your hips back and let your chest drop down towards the ground, with just a slight bend at the knees.

  • Your hips should never be lower than where they started, just back further.

  • All of the power you generate to swing the DB up should be coming from your glutes. Your arms virtually do nothing at all.

  • Regression: Good mornings (linked) or lighter DB.

  • Challenge: Heavier weight.


2. Wrist Banded Plank Alt Step Outs (total - 1 step out is 1 rep)


  • Light mini band around wrists.

  • Assume plank position with wrists under shoulders and hips down.

  • Feet can be wide for stability.

  • Regression: Drop to knees and/or no band.

  • Challenge: Heavier band or feet closer together.


3.  Banded Glute Bridge to Abduction


  • Press hips up into the air without arching your back or flaring your ribs.

  • Keep hips, knees, and ankles in alignment.

  • Press through your heels.

  • If feet are too far forward you will feel this more in your hamstrings.

  • If feet are too close to your hips you will feel this more in your quads/knees.

  • With feet directly under your knees, this is a hip (glute) dominant movement.

  • Press knees out into the band at the top of each hip bridge.

  • Regression: No band.

  • Challenge: Feet elevated on a chair OR add a DB.


4. Low Banded Squat in and out hops (in and out is 1)


  • Stay in a low squat the entire time! Never let hips fully extend.

  • Alternate between a wide and narrow squat, pressing knees out into the band.

  • Regression: No band and/or take out hops.

  • Challenge: Double band your legs - place one band above knees and other band around shins/ankles.


5. Plank Pike Ups


  • Starting in a low plank on your forearms, ensure that your elbows are stacked under your shoulders and your back is flat. Feet can be as wide as necessary.

  • Using your lower abdominals and your deep ab muscles (your TVA) you will lift your hips up in a “pike” or an upside down V, and slowly come back to the starting position.

  • Regression: Plank hold

  • Challenge: If you have sliders, or a towel with a wood or tile floor, you can perform sliding pikes in a high plank (linked a video)