Thursday, August 1, 2019

Lower Body



This week we are focusing on much higher repetitions. This means you’ll need to choose a lighter weight option than you usually would for most exercises. Practice good form most importantly. :)

For today…

5 rounds total: 15, 20, 25, 20, 15 reps

(starting with your heaviest weights, decreasing in weight each round as you increase reps by 5, then working your way back down the rep ladder and adding weight back)


5 rounds total: 15, 20, 25, 20, 15 reps

  1. DB RDL

  2. DB Goblet Sumo Squat

  3. Mini Banded Skater Lunges (ea)

  4. Banded Donkey Kicks

  1.  DB RDL


  • Choose light dumbbells to start. If you’re used to this movement, go with the heavier DB’s.

  • Using that hip hinge again, reach hips back behind you while maintaining a slight bend in your knees.

  • Keep DB’s as close to your legs are possible throughout the movement.

  • You can stop mid-shin with the weights.

  • Regression: Stop right under the knees.

  • Challenge: Slow 5 seconds on the eccentric or heavier DB’s.


2. DB Goblet Sumo Squat


  • Heavy DB.

  • Just like a goblet squat, you’ll hold the weight at your chest, keep core braced, and drop straight down into a squat.

  • Keep weight in the heels and big toes, and make sure your legs are much wider than normal, with toes pointed outwards.

  • Regression: Lighter DB.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB and/or add a hop at the top


3.  Mini Banded Skater Lunges (ea)


  • This is super similar to the banded skaters we’ve done, except you’ll lunge all the way down after you jump.

  • Try a medium or heavy mini band.

  • Drive off the standing leg and jump as far as you can laterally.

  • Regression: Lighter band or take out the hop - you can just step side to side with a lunge.


4. Banded Donkey Kicks


  • Start with a medium mini band above knees and progress from there.

  • Wrists stay stacked under shoulders, knees under hips.

  • Slight posterior pelvic tilt (tuck hips under and engage abs)

  • Flex working foot, and slowly lift up only until you feel your glute contract.

  • Try not to arch your back in this movement.

  • Regression: Lighter mini band or no band.

  • Challenge: Lift both knees up off ground and perform kicks in a “bear” position.