Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Upper Body



This week’s workouts are all EMOM style - EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute. Each day, you will notice your circuits are broken up into multiple EMOM’s. With this style of training, you will perform the prescribed exercises for however many reps it says and then rest for the remainder of the minute. Once the next minute starts, you would either repeat those exercises, or you’d go to the next exercise in the list. Each day is a little different so just pay close attention to the instructions each day.

For today…

FIRST, make sure you download the “Interval Timer” app on your phone and set it to 1 minute of work with 1 minute of “rest” for the prescribed amount of minutes.

i.e. For our 30 minute EMOM you would enter 1 minute work 1 minute rest x 15 rounds into the app.

Every Minute On the Minute you’ll perform a different move.. So you’ll do Move 1 for the first minute, Move 2 for the second minute, Move 3 for the third minute, etc..

Once you’ve gone down the entire list of exercises, you’ll start back at the first exercise again. Repeat this until you get to 30 minutes (6 rounds).

Your incentive to work as fast as you can (with good form) is so that you can have more time to rest between rounds. If you take your time you won’t have nearly as much time to rest.


30 min EMOM - perform each move in order during its assigned “minute” or round, and repeat this for a total of 6 rounds.

Minute 1: Entire Minute Alt. Hammer and Bicep Curl 

Minute 2: 12 (T) Banded Plank Walk + Pushup

Minute 3: 10 (ea) Unilateral Kneeling Curl to Press

Minute 4: 12 DB Chest Press + Leg Kick out

Minute 5: 45 seconds (rest remainder of min) Plank Alt Rows

MINUTE 1: Entire Minute Alt. Hammer and Bicep Curl  


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • Keep a soft bend in your knees here.

  • Do not swing the weights. You control them, not the other way around.

  • Make sure to extend your arms all the way down to the thighs between every rep.


MINUTE 2: 12 (T) Banded Plank Walk + Pushup


  • Light band around wrists to start.

  • Elbows angled back at 45 degrees for the pushups.

  • Back perfectly flat the entire time.

  • Feet wide for stability.

  • Regression: Drop to knees for pushup or get rid of band.

  • Challenge: Heavier band.


MINUTE 3: 10 (ea) Unilateral Kneeling Curl to Press


  • Keep curl tight, hips tucked as you perform this move.

  • Try a medium weight to start.

  • Regression: Lighter DB’s or double knee position.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB’s.


MINUTE 4: 12 DB Chest Press + Leg Kick out


  • Use Heavy DB’s if you can.

  • Keep low back pressed into the mat.

  • Knees come in simultaneously as you press the weights up, and you kick your legs out in front as you lower the weights.

  • Palms face in at 45 degrees.

  • Pull shoulders down and back.

  • Regression: Plant feet on the floor or lighter DB’s.

  • Challenge: Straight leg lifts.


MINUTE 5: 45 seconds (rest remainder of min) Plank Alt Rows


  • Choose light DB’s to start.

  • When you get in your plank, start with your feet wider than hip width for balance.

  • Try not to let your hips rock side to side. Keep glutes squeezed, pelvis tucked slightly.

  • Make sure wrists are directly underneath your shoulders.

  • Regression: Widen stance of feet or drop to knees.

  • Challenge: Bring feet closer together.