Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Conditioning + Core



This week’s workouts are all EMOM style - EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute. Each day, you will notice your circuits are broken up into multiple EMOM’s. With this style of training, you will perform the prescribed exercises for however many reps it says and then rest for the remainder of the minute. Once the next minute starts, you would either repeat those exercises, or you’d go to the next exercise in the list. Each day is a little different so just pay close attention to the instructions each day.

For today…

FIRST, make sure you download the “Interval Timer” app on your phone and set it to 1 minute of work with 1 minute of “rest” for the prescribed amount of minutes.

i.e. For a 10 minute EMOM you would enter 1 minute work 1 minute rest x 5 rounds into the app.

Your incentive to work as fast as you can (with good form) is so that you can have more time to rest between rounds. If you take your time you won’t have nearly as much time to rest.


3 separate EMOM’s

EMOM 1: 10 min EMOM

Every Minute perform 12 Broad Jump + Burpee - rest remainder of the minute

EMOM 2: 10 min EMOM

Odds: 25 (ea) Plank Punches - rest remainder of the minute

Evens: 45 seconds Low Plank jacks - rest remainder of the minute

EMOM 3: 10 min EMOM

Odds: Entire minute Side Shuffles

Evens: Entire minute Weighted Crunch

EMOM 1: 10 min EMOM - 1 exercise only

12 Broad Jump + Burpee - rest remainder of the min.


  • Drop down into a squat, swing arms back behind you and then explode forward as far as you can jump.

  • Land in a squat and immediately place hands on the ground and jump out into a plank. Immediately jump back up into a squat and turn around.

  • Regression: Squat, then walk hands out into a plank. Walk feet to hands and squat down before you stand up and repeat.

  • Challenge: Add in a pushup at the bottom of the plank.


EMOM 2: 10 min EMOM

ODDS: 25 (ea) Plank Punches - rest remainder of the minute


  • Keep a flat back, pelvis tucked slightly.

  • Entire core should be engaged.

  • If hips are rocking side to side at all, widen your feet.

  • Alternate punching with one arm and the other, making sure to full extend the arm out.

  • Regression: Drop to knees or widen stance.

  • Challenge: Feet closer together.


EVENS: 45 seconds Low Plank jacks - rest remainder of the minute


  • Keep shoulders stacked over elbows.

  • Keep hips down in line with body.

  • Hop feet out as wide as they’ll go.

  • Regression: Step feet out one at a time.

  • Challenge: Add mini band around ankles.


EMOM 3: 10 min EMOM

ODDS: Entire minute Side Shuffles


  • Stay in an athletic stance, hips dropped slightly.

  • Shuffle side to side (2-3 steps per side) as quickly as possible.

  • Regression: Stay low and step it out slowly.

  • Challenge: Add a band around ankles, add a squat at the end of each side shuffle and/or hold a DB at your chest.


EVENS: Entire minute Weighted Crunch


  • Use light DB.

  • Glue heels down into the ground, and push low back down into the ground.

  • Hold DB up overhead and reach for the ceiling with the DB.

  • Make sure your entire shoulder blades are off the mat.

  • Try to be as controlled as possible.