Monday, August 12, 2019

Conditioning + Core



This week’s workouts are primarily strength focused. On the conditioning and core days, you’ll notice a lot more weighted type exercises added in, and on the upper and lower days we are keeping reps at 12 or lower to encourage you to lift as heavy as you can.

For today…

You’ll be doing timed intervals. 6 rounds of 60 seconds work with 15 seconds rest in between. Today there’s only 4 exercises, so make the most of them!


60 seconds work, 15 seconds rest x 6

  1. Banded Plank Walk + Pushup

  2. DB Single Leg V up to Double Leg V Up

  3. DB Clean to Rev Lunge

  4. Banded Squat Jacks

  1. Banded Plank Walk + Pushup


  • Light band around wrists to start.

  • Elbows angled back at 45 degrees for the pushups.

  • Back perfectly flat the entire time.

  • Feet wide for stability.

  • Regression: Drop to knees for pushup or get rid of band.

  • Challenge: Heavier band.


2. DB Single Leg V up to Double Leg V Up


  • Try to get entire back up off the ground and form a “V” with your body.

  • Perform one single side V-up on each side + one double leg V-up.

  • Lead with your legs.

  • Regression: No DB or Keep legs bent and back on the ground and crunch into a ball and then slowly lower heels towards the ground.


3. DB Clean to Rev Lunge


  • Start with light or moderate DB.

  • Hold DB in hand of the same side leg that will go back into the Rev Lunge.

  • Cleans are performed by squeezing your glutes and snapping your hips up as quickly as possible from the squat to standing. Your arm has minimize work to do.

  • Regression: Just the reverse lunge holding DB at shoulder.

  • Challenge: Heavier weight..


4. Banded Squat Jacks


  • Place medium to heavy mini band above knees.

  • When you hop feet out wide, immediately land into a squat with your knees behind your toes.

  • Try to keep the transition between jump feet together and landing back in a squat quick.

  • Regression: No band, OR keep band on and step out into a squat and step back to center, alternating legs.

  • Challenge: Add a weight.