Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Upper Body



This week’s workouts are primarily strength focused. On the conditioning and core days, you’ll notice a lot more weighted type exercises added in, and on the upper and lower days we are keeping reps at 12 or lower to encourage you to lift as heavy as you can.

For today…

You’ll have 30 minutes to fit in as many rounds as possible. Each exercise will be for 10 reps. If it’s a single side movement, you’ll perform 10 reps on each side.


AMRAP 30 min: 10 reps per move

  1. Eccentric Pushup

  2. (ea) DB Single Arm Unsupported Bent Over Row

  3. (ea) Mini band around wrists - Bear alt Hand lateral taps

  4. (ea) Serve the Platter + Bent Arm Lateral Raise

  5. (ea) Tricep Dip + Kick

  1. Eccentric Pushup


  • Eccentric = the lowering portion of the movement // in this case, when you are slowly lowering yourself down to the ground.

  • Try to lower yourself down for a count of 3-5 seconds. You’ll realize how much harder pushups are when you take your time.

  • Keep your core braced always and your wrists directly under your shoulders.

  • Drop to one knee or two as needed.


2. (ea) DB Single Arm Unsupported Bent Over Row


  • Keep hips square and chest square towards the ground (try not to open chest up to one side)

  • Keep as flat of a back as possible.

  • Slight bend in the knees.

  • Pull shoulder back and engage lats before initiating the row.

  • Choose lighter DB to start.

  • Regression: Support with other hand on knee (legs in a split stance) or hand on bench.

  • Challenge: Bend over lower or lower down slowly for 5 seconds on the eccentric.


3. (ea) Mini band around wrists - Bear alt Hand lateral taps


  • Use light band.

  • Keep knees directly under hips, and wrists directly under shoulders.

  • Core should be tight, with pelvis tucked under slightly (no arch in your back) and shoulders pulled down your back.

  • Knees should be to a hover above the mat.

  • Take small steps to the side just with your hands, in an alternating fashion.

  • Regression: Drop to your knees.

  • Challenge: Step hands and feet out to the side simultaneously.


4. (ea) Serve the Platter + Bent Arm Lateral Raise


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • With palms up, you push the weights out in front and almost completely straighten out your arms to work your pecs and shoulders.

  • Use your back to pull the weights back into your chest and then rotate your palms and lift your elbows up to shoulder height to work your shoulders.

  • Stay in control of the weights, don’t just swing them around.

  • Regression: Lighter weights.

  • Challenge: Heavier weights.


5. (ea) Tricep Dip + Kick


  • Keep fingertips pointed towards your feet and elbows pointed straight back behind you.

  • Your core is worked a ton here in order to balance on one foot and hand, so make sure you’re properly engaging those muscles.

  • Regression: Perform the dip as usual and for the kick keep both hands on the ground while you kick one leg up into the air.

  • Challenge: Keep Leg Straight (super tough)