Personal Trainer in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

My clients and friends always say,
“I WISH I KNEW WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MORNING COFFEE,” because no matter what time of the day it is, I am ready to uplift people and help them crush their goals!

I take women where they haven’t gone before, both inside and outside of the gym and the kitchen. I know how to hold them accountable, get to the root of things and make them realize that they are literally loving themselves through eating well and moving daily.

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Hours of research, years of trial and error (detox teas.. anyone!?), a degree and many certifications later... I’ve combed through the nonsense and can get you the results you're looking for. In-person or Online, I'm ready if you are!

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Check out some of my favorite wellness tips, engage in conversation about health in today's insta-society, try some of my favorite recipes, and stay up to date on my adventures as a fitness model and content creator.

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In addition to personal training, I teach spin classes in the Jacksonville area. View Savanna's Class Schedule »