Friday, July 5, 2019

Conditioning + Core


TUT - AKA Time Under Tension

This means exactly what it sounds like… We will be putting your muscles under a lot of extra time under tension this week. Think: pause reps, pulses, iso holds, etc.

Get ready to feel the burn!

For today…

Sweat out all your Fourth of July woes! 4 rounds of one exercise, then move onto the next. 60 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. There will be eccentric moves, pauses, and pulses included!

** Eccentric = Lower down as slowly as you can, about 3-5 seconds**


60 seconds work, 15 seconds rest (same move for 4 rounds)

  1. DB Thrusters - eccentric

  2. Side Shuffles

  3. Eccentric Pushups

  4. Banded Bicycles - 3 sec pause at top of each crunch

  5. Ankle Banded Jumping Jacks

  1. DB Thrusters - eccentric (not shown in video)


  • Slowly lower down (about 3-5 sec) into your squat, then explode up into a press.

  • See if you can use heavy DB’s for at least the first few rounds.

  • DB’s never go lower than shoulder height.

  • Use your hips (glutes) to propel you up out of that squat and explosively press the weights up. Your butt should be working a lot more than your shoulders should be.

  • Regression: Lighter DB’s, no pressing over head if you have shoulder issue (could just do power squats).


2. Side Shuffles


  • Stay in an athletic stance, hips dropped slightly.

  • Shuffle side to side (2-3 steps per side) as quickly as possible.

  • Regression: Stay low and step it out slowly.

  • Challenge: Add a band around ankles, add a squat at the end of each side shuffle and/or hold a DB at your chest.


3. Eccentric Pushups


  • Keep wrists under shoulders, straight line head to toes.

  • Slowly lower down (3-5 seconds) until you’re completely flat on your stomach. Lift your hands for a second then push back up.

  • Regression: Stay on the knees.


4. Banded Bicycles - 3 sec pause at top of each crunch


  • Pause not shown in video. As elbow and knee touch, pause for 3 seconds. Then switch.

  • Choose a light mini band to start.

  • Place mini band around tops of shoe laces.

  • Try to lift your opposite shoulder off the ground as high as it will go and reach elbow for the outside of your opposite knee.

  • Don’t rush these, take your time for maximum benefit.

  • Regression: No mini band.

  • Challenge: Heavier Band


5. Ankle Banded Jumping Jacks


  • Just like a normal jumping jack, but with added resistance.

  • Hop those legs out as far as they’ll go. Definitely don’t choose too heavy of a band for these, we still want good range of motion.

  • Make sure arms come all the way up overhead.

  • Regression: No mini band and/or step it out one side at a time.

  • Challenge: Hold light DB’s in hands.