Monday, July 8, 2019

Quads and Glutes



This week we are focusing on much higher repetitions. This means you’ll need to choose a lighter weight option than you usually would for most exercises. Practice good form most importantly. :)

For today…

20 reps each for AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 30 min. Take as long of breaks as needed between rounds.


30 min AMRAP - 20 Reps each

  1. Suitcase Squats (alt DB halfway through reps)

  2. Frog Hops

  3. Single Leg Squat on Bench (ea)

  4. DB Split Jumps (ea)

  5. Banded Uni Glute Bridge (ea)

  1. Suitcase Squat (ea)


  • Choose a heavy DB for this exercise, and you will feel this a ton more in not only your legs but your opposite side (obliques baby!!!).

  • Try to stay as upright as possible, don’t let the DB pull you down towards the ground.

  • Regression: Lighter DB.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB and/or add a band above knees.


2. Frog Hops

  1. Tips:

    • Have feet wider than hip width, toes slightly pointed outward.

    • Reaching for the ground with your hands, keeping your chest upright, squat down.

    • As you hop, hop as far as you can forward, and make sure to land on your heels, not your toes.

    • Regression: Sumo Squats.


3. Single Leg Squat on Bench (ea)


  • No weight to start.

  • Choose a bench or step that, when you’re sitting on it, lets your leg perform a perfect right angle.

  • Be sure to scooch your foot out away from the bench slightly so that you knees stay behind your toes.

  • Squeeze the glute of the working leg.

  • Regression: Hold onto something, or lower down with one leg and stand up with both legs.

  • Challenge: Add weight.


4. DB Split Jumps (ea)


  • Start with light DB’s.

  • Jump straight up in the air and point through the toes.

  • Land with back knee hovering above the ground.

  • Regression: No weights, and/or no jumping.

  • Challenge: Heavy weights


5. Banded Uni Glute Bridge (ea)


Start with a light or medium band if you’re new to this move, otherwise grab a heavy mini band.

  • Keep knees stacked over ankles.

  • Chin stays tucked, arms out to the side or bent at your side.

  • Keep the lifted leg at a 90 degree angle, foot flexed.

  • Get a nice 2 second squeeze at the top of each rep.

  • Be careful not to have the ribs flaring out.

  • Regression: No band or lighter band.

  • Challenge: Heavy band + elevate feet on a bench.