Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Conditioning + Core



This week we are focusing on much higher repetitions. This means you’ll need to choose a lighter weight option than you usually would for most exercises. Practice good form most importantly. :)

For today…

90 seconds, 75 seconds, 60 seconds, 45 seconds per move - Rest up to 1 min between rounds


Round 1: 90 seconds

Round 2: 75 seconds

Round 3: 60 seconds

Round 4: 45 seconds per move

**Rest up to 1 min between rounds

  1. Lateral Lunge + Cross Body Crunch (alt)

  2. Burpee to DB Jump Squat

  3. Bear Pose Alternating Banded Donkey Presses  

  4. Deadbugs 

  5. Engaged Mtn Climbers + Pushup

  1. Lateral Lunge + Cross Body Crunch (alt)


  • Keep both feet pointing straight forward the entire time.

  • Push hips back as you descend into the side lunge.

  • As you stand and crunch, press through your heels.

  • Try to make contact with your elbow and opposite knee.

  • Regression: Take out the lunge if it’s too much on your knees and try a squat instead.


2. Burpee to DB Jump Squat


  • Try using a Heavy DB

  • Alternate arms.

  • Perform a regular burpee without a pushup, and then grab the DB with just one arm and jump up.

  • Land in a squat around the DB.

  • Regression: Take out all jumps and walk out to the plank and back in, then stand up holding DB and go into a calf raise.

  • Challenge: Add in pushup.


3. Bear Pose Alternating Banded Donkey Presses  


  • Start with light or medium band.

  • Keep wrists stacked under shoulders and knees stacked under hips.

  • Tuck pelvis slightly and retract shoulder blades.

  • Keep foot flexed as you press it back behind you.

  • Regression: Drop to knees or lighter band.

  • Challenge: Heavier band.


4. Deadbugs (alternating)


  • Consciously press low back down into the mat. If you don’t do this, this move will feel easy and you’ll end up hurting your back.

  • Low back should stay in contact with the ground the entire time.

  • Reach arms up in line with your shoulders, knees start stacked over hips.

  • Move slowly, alternating sides.


5. Engaged Mtn Climbers + Pushup


  • Keep wrists stacked under shoulders.

  • Pull shoulders down away from ears.

  • Using your abdominal muscles, pull one knee at a time into your chest, keeping hips down in line with your shoulders.

  • For the pushup, elbows come back at a 45 degree angle.

  • Regression: Hands on a bench/chair, and/or drop to knees for pushup.

  • Challenge: Decline mountain climbers and pushup