Thursday, June 6, 2019

Lower Body (Push Focus) 


Timed Intervals:

45 sec on, 15 sec off x 5 Rounds

(Basically… about 5 min per exercise)

For today…

Just let the timer do all the thinking for you and focus on your mind to muscle connection to get the most out of your workout. If you love counting your reps, then count them and see if you can get the same number or beat your original number each round! You’ll be moving down the list of exercises in order, doing each move for 45 sec work 15 sec rest for 5 rounds. Rest as long as needed between rounds.

Protocol: Perform each move in order down the list for

45 seconds work,

15 seconds rest

x 5 Rounds.

i.e. 45 sec pushups, 15 sec rest. 45 sec squats, 15 sec rest, etc…


  1. DB Suitcase Squat (switch sides halfway through)

  2. DB Split Jumps

  3. DB Donkey Kicks (switch sides halfway through)

  4. Banded Uni Glute Bridge (switch sides halfway through)

  5. Low Banded Squat in and out hops

  1. DB Suitcase Squat


  • Perform move with DB on one side for 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds and repeat with DB on other side for another 30 seconds.

  • Choose a heavy DB for this exercise, and you will feel this a ton more in not only your legs but your opposite side (obliques baby!!!).

  • Try to stay as upright as possible, don’t let the DB pull you down towards the ground.

  • Regression: Lighter DB.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB and/or add a band above knees.


2. DB Split Jumps


  • Start with light DB’s.

  • Jump straight up in the air and point through the toes.

  • Land with back knee hovering above the ground.

  • Regression: No weights, and/or no jumping.

  • Challenge: Heavy weights


3. DB Donkey Kicks


  • Alternate halfway through each round.

  • Use heavy DB behind knee if you can.

  • Wrists stay stacked under shoulders, knees under hips.

  • Slight posterior pelvic tilt (tuck hips under and engage abs)

  • Flex working foot, and slowly lift up only until you feel your glute contract.

  • Try not to arch your back in this movement.

  • Regression: Lighter DB or no DB.


4. Banded Uni Glute Bridge


Start with a light or medium band if you’re new to this move, otherwise grab a heavy mini band.

  • Keep knees stacked over ankles.

  • Chin stays tucked, arms out to the side or bent at your side.

  • Keep the lifted leg at a 90 degree angle, foot flexed.

  • Get a nice 2 second squeeze at the top of each rep.

  • Be careful not to have the ribs flaring out.

  • Regression: No band or lighter band.

  • Challenge: Heavy band + elevate feet on a bench.


5. Low Banded Squat in and out hops


  • Stay in a low squat the entire time! Never let hips fully extend.

  • Alternate between a wide and narrow squat, pressing knees out into the band.

  • Regression: No band and/or take out hops.

  • Challenge: Double band your legs - place one band above knees and other band around shins/ankles.