Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Conditioning Day 


Timed Intervals:

45 sec on, 15 sec off x 5 Rounds

(Basically… about 5 min per exercise)

For today…

Just let the timer do all the thinking for you and focus on your mind to muscle connection to get the most out of your workout. If you love counting your reps, then count them and see if you can get the same number or beat your original number each round! You’ll be moving down the list of exercises in order, doing each move for 45 sec work 15 sec rest for 5 rounds. Rest as long as needed between rounds.

Protocol: Perform each move in order down the list for

45 seconds work,

15 seconds rest

x 5 Rounds.

i.e. 45 sec pushups, 15 sec rest. 45 sec squats, 15 sec rest, etc…


  1. DB push-up + plank jack + Rows

  2. Lateral Bound + Low Squat Jack

  3. 1 DB - Burpee with Pushup + Snatch

  4. Alt DB Rev Lunge + Twist

  5. Side plank dips (switch sides halfway through each round)

  1. DB Push-up + Plank Jack + Rows


  • Light DB’s to start.

  • Elbows angled back at 45 degrees for the pushups.

  • Back perfectly flat the entire time.

  • Feet wide for stability.

  • Regression: Drop to knees for pushup and rows, plus you can step the plank jack out one foot at a time.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB’s or feet closer together.


2. Lateral Bound + Low Squat Jack


  • Push off your outside foot and jump as far laterally as possible.

  • Stay low the entire time - hips never fully extend.

  • Keep knees behind toes.

  • Regression: take jump out and just step side to side, can keep squat jack or you could just squat wide and squat narrow.

  • Challenge: Add a band.


3. 1 DB - Burpee with Pushup + Uni Snatch  


  • Alternate arms for the snatch.

  • Use heavy DB.

  • Keep a straight line from head to toes when you hop out into the plank.

  • Hop into a squat as you come back from the plank.

  • Make sure your snatch is one fluid movement - use your hips to power the DB all the from the ground to overhead.

  • Regression: Take out all the hops and/or use a lighter DB.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB.


4. Alt DB Rev Lunge + Twist  


  • Use light DB and focus on good form and stability here.

  • Twist towards your front leg.

  • Make sure knees point forward as you twist.

  • Elbows splay out to the sides.

  • Regression: Drop back knee in the lunge when you twist.

  • Challenge: heavier DB.


5. Side plank dips


  • Switch sides halfway through each round.

  • Keep elbow right under your shoulder.

  • Push hips forward, maintaining a straight line from head to toe.

  • Regression: Stagger feet or drop bottom knee down (make sure your knees are still stacked).

  • Challenge: Lift top arm up and look at it.