Friday, May 3, 2019

Total Body HIIT 



So, set your timer for 30 minutes and work as quickly as you can down your

list of exercises and continue repeating rounds until time runs out.

For today…

Perform each move in order for the prescribed reps. Each round, the reps increase by 2 reps. As the weights get too heavy for the higher rep ranges, feel free to grab lighter weights. Rest whenever you need to!


30 min AMRAP

Round 1: 10 reps

Round 2: 12 reps

Round 3: 14 reps

Etc… get as high up the rep count as possible in 30 minutes

  1. DB Thrusters

  2. Alt DB Rev Lunge + Twist (ea)

  3. DB Froggers with Curl

  4. Cross Body Mtn Climbers

  5. DB Single Leg V up to Double Leg V Up (ea)

  1. DB Thrusters

  1. Tips:

    • For the first few rounds, while the reps are low, try to use your heavy set of DB’s for this move.

    • DB’s never go lower than shoulder height.

    • Use your hips (glutes) to propel you up out of that squat and explosively press the weights up. Your butt should be working a lot more than your shoulders should be.

    • Regression: Lighter DB’s, no pressing over head if you have shoulder issue (could just do power squats).


2. Alt DB Rev Lunge + Twist (ea)


  • Use light DB and focus on good form and stability here.

  • Twist towards your front leg.

  • Make sure knees point forward as you twist.

  • Elbows splay out to the sides.

  • Regression: Drop back knee in the lunge when you twist.

  • Challenge: heavier DB.


3. Frogger Bicep Curl


  • Choose light DB’s to start.

  • Sort of like a half burpee, start in a high plank with the DB’s under your shoulders, and hop into a squat with your feet wide and flat on the ground.

  • Glue your elbows into the crooks of your knees as you assume position for the bicep curl.

  • Regression: Step the movement out vs. hopping.


4. Cross Body Mtn Climbers (ea)


  • Keep wrists stacked under shoulders.

  • Keep back flat.

  • Get a big twist from your opposite knee and elbow to really get into those obliques.

  • Go as fast as possible with good form.

  • Regression: Hands on a bench.


5. DB Single Leg V up to Double Leg V Up (ea)


  • Try to get entire back up off the ground and form a “V” with your body.

  • Perform one single side V-up on each side + one double leg V-up. That’s one rep.

  • Lead with your legs.

  • Regression: Keep legs bent and back on the ground and crunch into a ball and then slowly lower heels towards the ground.

  • Challenge: Add DB.