Thursday, May 2, 2019

Lower Body 


14 min AMRAP’s

So, set your timer for 14 minutes and work as quickly as you can down your

list of exercises and continue repeating rounds until time runs out.

For today…

Perform each move in order for the prescribed reps. Rest up to one minute between 14 min AMRAP’s. These moves are lower rep, so go as heavy as you can with good form.


14 min AMRAP 1: Hamstrings + Glutes Focus

10 Reps each

  1. DB RDL

  2. DB Donkey Kicks

  3. DB Good AM

  4. Banded Lying Side hip up + abduction (ea)

14 min AMRAP 2: Quads + Glutes Focus

10 Reps each

  1. DB Goblet Sumo Squat

  2. DB Goblet Rev Lunge (ea)

  3. DB Alternating Rev Lunge + Curtsy Lunges (ea)

  4. DB Split Jumps

14 min AMRAP 1

10 Reps Per Move

  1. DB RDL’s


    • Choose light dumbbells to start. If you’re used to this movement, go with the heavier DB’s.

    • Using that hip hinge again, reach hips back behind you while maintaining a slight bend in your knees.

    • Keep DB’s as close to your legs are possible throughout the movement.

    • You can stop mid-shin with the weights.

    • Regression: Stop right under the knees.

    • Challenge: Slow 5 seconds on the eccentric.


2. DB Donkey Kicks (ea)


  • Use heavy DB behind knee if you can.

  • Wrists stay stacked under shoulders, knees under hips.

  • Slight posterior pelvic tilt (tuck hips under and engage abs)

  • Flex working foot, and slowly lift up only until you feel your glute contract.

  • Try not to arch your back in this movement.

  • Regression: Lighter DB or no DB.


3. DB Good AM


  • Hold heavy DB Behind neck or in front of chest.

  • Keep feet hip width apart, maintaining soft bend in knees.

  • Hip hinge back and go as low as you can, aiming for your chest being parallel with the ground.

  • Regression: Body weight.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB or add a 3 second pause at the bottom of the movement.


4. Banded Lying Side Hip Up + Abduction (ea)


Try using a medium mini band above knees.

Assume almost a side plank position, keeping your elbow under your shoulder.

Squeeze the gluteus medius (side of your glute) of the bottom leg closest to the ground to help initiate the movement. Then squeeze the opposite leg’s gluteus medius to open the leg out to the side.

Regression: No band or clamshells (exercise linked).

Challenge: Heavier Band


14 min AMRAP 2:

10 Reps Per Move

  1. DB Goblet Sumo Squat

  1. Tips:

    • Use heavy DB.

    • Feet very wide, toes pointed out to the sides.

    • Keep chest as upright as possible. If your chest is leaning forward, use a lighter weight.

    • Really squeeze inner thighs and glutes as you stand.

    • Regression: Hold DB down between your legs.

    • Challenge: Add a hop to the top.


2. DB Goblet Rev Lunge (ea)


  • Try heavy DB.

  • Keep Chest as upright as possible. Lighten the weight if chest leans forward.

  • Reachhhh that foot back behind you and drop knee into a 90 degree angle (almost touching the floor).

  • Stick with the same side for all reps before switching.

  • Regression: Body weight.

  • Challenge: Don’t let your foot touch the ground between reps. Add knee drive at the top.


3. DB Alternating Rev Lunge + Curtsy Lunge (5 reps per move for 10 total each side)


  • Try heavy DB’s because it’s low rep.

  • Alternate between a curtsy lunge - reaching foot behind and across - and a reverse lunge.

  • Try to drop your back knee almost all the way down to the floor.

  • Regression: Dumbbells by your side or body weight.


4. DB Split Jumps (ea)


  • Start with light DB’s.

  • Jump straight up in the air and point through the toes.

  • Land with back knee hovering above the ground.

  • Regression: No weights, and/or no jumping.

  • Challenge: Heavy weights