Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Upper Body 


14 min AMRAP’s

So, set your timer for 14 minutes and work as quickly as you can down your

list of exercises and continue repeating rounds until time runs out.

For today…

Perform each move in order for the prescribed reps. Rest up to one minute between 14 min AMRAP’s. These moves are higher rep, so feel free to go as light as necessary in order to maintain good form.


14 min AMRAP 1: Chest/ Tri’s/Shoulders/Rectus Abdominis

20 Reps each

  1. “T” Pushups (T)

  2. DB Single Leg Glute Bridge Skull Crushers (alternate legs halfway through reps)  

  3. (ea) Wrist Banded Plank Alt. Step Outs (Out, In, Out, In)

  4. Alt DB “L” Raise + Rev Lunge (T)

  5. Burpees (no pushup)

14 min AMRAP 2: Back/Bi’s/Low Ab Focus

20 Reps each

  1. Banded Bent Over Rows

  2. Alt. Static Side Lunge + 1 DB Bicep Curl (ea) - yes 40 total curls!

  3. Long Band Underhand Pull Aparts

  4. Wallsit Hammer Curls

  5. Rev Crunch

14 min AMRAP 1

20 Reps Per Move

  1. T Pushups (T)


  • Keep your glutes squeezed and abs tight throughout the entire movement.

  • Elbow should be pointing back at 45 degrees, not straight out to the side.

  • Pivot on the sides of your feet for that “T” and reach your arm and high as it will go.

  • Regression: Drop to knees for entire movement.


2. DB Single Leg Glute Bridge Skull Crushers (alternate legs halfway through reps)  


  • Choose light DB’s.

  • Keep lifted leg at 90 degrees, foot flexed.

  • Press through heel of planted foot.

  • Keep elbows over shoulders and simply bend back at the elbows to target your triceps.

  • Keep hips lifted entire time.

  • Regression: Both feet down, hips still lifted.


3. (ea) Wrist Banded Plank Alt. Step Outs (Out, In, Out, In)


  • Light mini band around wrists.

  • Assume plank position with wrists under shoulders and hips down.

  • Feet can be wide for stability.

  • Regression: Drop to knees and/or no band.

  • Challenge: Heavier band or feet closer together.


4. Alt DB “L” Raise + Rev Lunge (T)


  • Start with light DB’s.

  • You will form an “L” shape with your arms working your shoulders.

  • Alternate reverse lunges while you raise your arms up.

  • Only raise arms to shoulder height, no higher.

  • Regression: No Lunges, or lighter DB’s.


5. Burpees (no pushup)


  • No pushup or jump in these burpees (yay!)

  • Simply hop out to plank, hop into a squat, and stand up.

  • Regression: Walk out the movement vs hopping.

  • Challenge: Add pushup and hop.


14 min AMRAP 2:

20 Reps Per Move

  1. Banded Bent Over Rows

  1. Tips:

    • Start with light mini band around wrists, and light DB’s.

    • Assume as much of a bent over position as possible, with slight bend in knees.

    • Make sure your shoulders aren’t rounded.

    • Keep constant tension in the band.

    • Regression: No band.


2. Alt. Static Side Lunge + 1 DB Bicep Curl (ea)


  • Using one light DB, assume a wide legged stance.

  • You will end up doing 40 curls.

  • Make sure your toes and knees are pointing forward.

  • Push hips back and sink as low as you can.

  • Regression: Less reps


3. Long Band Underhand Pull Aparts


  • Use light resistance band.

  • Underhand grip.

  • The closer your hands are the harder it will be.

  • Squeeze shoulder blades back and together and try not to shrug shoulders.

  • Regression: Hands further apart on the band.

  • Challenge: Hands closer together on the band.


4. Wallsit Hammer Curls


  • Light DB’s.

  • Pull your shoulders down and back the entire time.

  • Palms face in for that hammer grip.

  • Make sure legs are at 90 degree angle.

  • Control the weight on the way down in the curl.

  • Regression: Perform a squat to a hammer curl instead of the wallsit.

  • Challenge: Single leg wallsit while performing curls.


5. Rev Crunch


  • Think about using only your lower abdominals to lift your hips up off the ground.

  • Imagine kicking out a ceiling tile with your heels.

  • It’s not a huge lift up, more of a small quick lift with legs slightly bent.

  • Regression: Legs bent, drop heels to floor and then slightly lift hips up so knees come into your chest.

  • Challenge: Lift hips up even higher and kick legs out straight at the bottom.