Tuesday, May 7, 2019




So, set your timer for (in today’s case) 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds and stick with just one exercise for all 8 rounds before moving down the list. Your goal is to work as hard as you can during those work intervals so that by the time you complete the 8th round, you couldn’t imagine doing anymore.

For today…

We’re doing the traditional Tabata timing today and tomorrow before I add some variation to it! 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest x 8. You can rest up to 1 minute between Tabatas.


20 sec work, 10 sec rest x 8 of ONE EXERCISE ONLY

  1. DB Clean to rev Lunge

  2. DB Single Leg V up to Double Leg V Up (count each V up as 1 rep)

  3. Squat Jumps

  4. Single leg RDL

  5. Banded Glute bridge abductions

  6. Plank Kick throughs

Tabata Intervals

  1. DB Clean to Rev Lunge


    • Start with light or moderate DB.

    • Hold DB in hand of the same side leg that will go back into the Rev Lunge.

    • Cleans are performed by squeezing your glutes and snapping your hips up as quickly as possible from the squat to standing. Your arm has minimize work to do.

    • Regression: Just the reverse lunge holding DB at shoulder.

    • Challenge: Heavier weight.


2. DB Single Leg V up to Double Leg V Up


  • Try to get entire back up off the ground and form a “V” with your body.

  • Perform one single side V-up on each side + one double leg V-up.

  • Lead with your legs.

  • Regression: No DB or Keep legs bent and back on the ground and crunch into a ball and then slowly lower heels towards the ground.


3. Squat Jumps


  • Keep weight in the heels, push hips back as you lower down to parallel.

  • Explode up through the toes as you jump up and swing arms up towards the sky.

  • Regression: Take the jump out and just squat quickly.


4. Single Leg RDL


  • Try using a heavy DB.

  • Hold DB in opposite side hand from the foot that is planted down. So if your right foot is planted, left leg lifted, hold the DB in your leg hand.

  • Try to keep your hips square towards the ground and the pinky toe of your lifted foot should be angled down the entire time.

  • Stare at one spot in front of you that doesn’t move to help with balance, along with bracing your core and squeezing your glute.

  • Regression: Hold onto something while you perform or get rid of weights.

  • Challenge: Two DB’s or a heavier DB.


5. Banded Glute bridge abductions


  • Start with a light band above your knees and progress from there.

  • Keep ankles stacked under knees, and hips lifted high into a glute bridge the entire time.

  • You’re squeezing the sides of your glutes to press out into the band.

  • Regression: Lighter or no band OR drop hips.

  • Challenge: Heavier band and/or prop feet up on a bench or chair.


6. Plank Kick throughs


  • Start in a “bear” position, wrists stacked under shoulders, knees stacked under hips. Lift your leg hand and start to pivot over towards the left side while you kick your right leg through.

  • It’s always opposite arm and leg doing the work.

  • This will light up your core, shoulders, and quads.

  • Regression: Bear position hold or bear shoulder taps

  • Challenge: Go faster and try to dip your hip down towards the floor.