Wednesday, May 8, 2019




So, set your timer for (in today’s case) 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest for 8 rounds and stick with just one exercise for all 8 rounds before moving down the list. Your goal is to work as hard as you can during those work intervals so that by the time you complete the 8th round, you couldn’t imagine doing anymore.

For today…

30 seconds on, 15 seconds rest x 8. You can rest up to 1 minute between Tabatas.


30 sec work, 15 sec rest x 8 of ONE EXERCISE ONLY

  1. Long Band Iso Squat Rows

  2. Plank up + Pushup

  3. Db squat curl press jack

  4. Plank Punches

Tabata Intervals

  1. Long Band Iso Squat Rows


  • Loop Long Resistance band around something like a pole at the gym, or if you’re at home, maybe a sturdy chair, column outside, door handle, etc. Be creative ;)

  • Keep a proud chest the entire time, squeezing shoulder blades back to meet one another.

  • Stay in a low squat the entire time.

  • Abs in tight.

  • Regression: Squat to Stand and row.


2. Plank up + Pushup


  • Perform your plank ups with control, abs tight and pelvis tucked slightly.

  • Make sure your wrists stay stacked under your shoulders the entire time.

  • Make sure your butt stays down throughout the entire movement.

  • For the pushup, try to get chest all the way down to the ground.

  • Regression: Widen stance or drop to knees.

  • Challenge: Do on a decline.


3. DB Squat Curl Press Jack


  • Light DB’s to start.

  • Keep neutral hand position the entire time (palms facing in towards your body).

  • Abs braced the entire time.

  • Regression: Take out the jumping jack and either just press overhead, or if you can’t press, perform a frontal or lateral raise for your shoulders.

  • Challenge: Heavier DB’s.


4. Plank Punches


  • Keep a flat back, pelvis tucked slightly.

  • Entire core should be engaged.

  • If hips are rocking side to side at all, widen your feet.

  • Alternate punching with one arm and the other, making sure to full extend the arm out.

  • Regression: Drop to knees or widen stance.

  • Challenge: Feet closer together.