Friday, May 31, 2019



SHRED BEFORE SUMMER WEEK - Get ready for some of the best total body HIIT/conditioning workouts from the BBB library thus far, alternating still between muscle group focuses each day.

For today…

20 Reps for the entire first round, then go down by 2 reps each round for the entire 30 minutes of your workout.


20 reps, decrease by 2 each round.

  1. Banded Rev Tabletop Kick outs

  2. Plank Kick Throughs

  3. Plank Punches

  4. Rev Lunge Hop

  1. Banded Rev Tabletop Kick outs


    • Start with a light band around your shins.

    • Keep your lower back pushed down into the mat the entire time! Ribs pulled down.

    • Regression: Lighter band or when you kick out, kick up higher versus lower.

    • Challenge: Heavier band or kick lower towards the ground.


2. Plank Kick Throughs


  • Start in a “bear” position, wrists stacked under shoulders, knees stacked under hips. Lift your leg hand and start to pivot over towards the left side while you kick your right leg through.

  • It’s always opposite arm and leg doing the work.

  • This will light up your core, shoulders, and quads.

  • Regression: Bear position hold or bear shoulder taps

  • Challenge: Go faster and try to dip your hip down towards the floor.


3. Plank Punches


  • Keep a flat back, pelvis tucked slightly.

  • Entire core should be engaged.

  • If hips are rocking side to side at all, widen your feet.

  • Alternate punching with one arm and the other, making sure to full extend the arm out.

  • Regression: Drop to knees or widen stance.

  • Challenge: Feet closer together.


4. Rev Lunge Hop


  • Step back into a reverse lunge. Stand up by powering through your front planted leg, and drive the back knee up towards your chest.

  • Add a hop at the top of the movement if you can.

  • Try to use your arms to help generate momentum and power. (Think of it as sprinters’ arms. It should come naturally to you).

  • Regression: Take out the hop.

  • Challenge: Add more reps.