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Training Philosophy, Refunds + RETURNS FAQ, DISCLAIMER and CREDENTIALS


Savanna's training philosophy goes beyond the "physical" aspect of health. Her holistic approach addresses the vital components below to achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

Unfortunately a lot of people focus on every aspect of health except this one. You could be in the best physical shape of your life, but severely struggling with body image, depression or an eating disorder. If your emotions are neglected, you will never be satisfied with progress achieved in any area of life.

By moving your body every day, you're granting yourself the permission to take time specifically for YOU. Whether that looks like yoga, weight lifting, foam rolling or a good sweat session outside.. if you're listening to your body, you're helping it in the long run. 

In order to perform, look and feel your best, you have to nourish yourself with foods that agree with your body (anti-inflammatory), foods that you enjoy the taste of, and enough food to match your energy output. Diet is a KEY component to achieving your body composition goals. Working out but overeating, underreating or eating incorrectly is not going to result in anything but a nice layer of fat over your newly developed muscles (which is what women tend to label "bulky".)

Working out hard is an awesome way to relieve stress, improve mental clarity and take time for yourself, but you need to make sure you take equal time to recover. This doesn't only mean rest days between workouts, it means doing things that will aid your body in recovery; Epsom salt baths, supplementing with turmeric and/or BCAA's, Yoga/stretching, foam rolling, professional massages and listening to your body for signs of fatigue. Pain and persistent soreness could be your body telling you it needs a day off.  

Everyone has different sleep requirements, but generally 7-9 hours is sufficient at helping you perform at your best the next day. Without proper sleep, issues can arise such as: overeating, increased cortisol levels, a decreased metabolism and weakened immune system. 

Whether you're in school, balancing work and school, a full-time mom or total #girlboss, you've probably got a lot going on and rarely make the time to focus on your personal needs. By taking at least 10 minutes a day to simply focus on yourself and the present moment (i.e. meditation, journaling, a nice cozy bath, listening to your favorite calming music), you can decrease those stress/cortisol levels that are probably hindering weight-loss. 


  • Can my order be changed, cancelled or refunded?

Due to the nature of content being digital, all purchases are final. There's no way to verify a digital purchase has been returned and deleted after content has been released. 

  • Do I have to pay for the 8-week plan all at once or is there a payment plan?

The psychology behind an up-front payment plan is that your money feels wasted unless you complete what you have purchased in advance. For this reason, balances are due in full before every 8-week cycle. 



  • I am not a registered dietician or nutritionist, therefore I am not legally, in the state of Florida, able to prescribe nutrition. Everything I am selling is advice, or guidance. Do not ever begin a nutrition plan - or even a fitness plan - without first talking to a medical physician.

  • Any content purchased is to remain confidential between Savanna Rose and Client. Content may not be resold.



  • NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer

  • Red Cross CPR/FirstAid/Aed

  • Precision Nutrition (in progress)

  • Wellcoaches Training

  • IPE Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

  • Orange Theory Certified Coach

  • Maddog Athletics Spinning Certified