Wine Lovers Unite! (collaboration with Winc)

This post was sponsored by Winc, but all opinions are my own! I have a special link included all the way at the bottom of my post so make sure not to miss it!**

Hi guys! Wow. So... It's been quite a while since I've done a blog post, truly for no particular reason other than I have been so darn caught up in life. Don't worry though, because I'm about to hook ya up with the best service ever. 

Are you a wine fanatic? If so, read on. If not, go read this article by Dr. Axe so you can be convinced it's beneficial for you. ;) Ever since studying the Mediterranean diet on a study abroad trip to Italy, I've been hooked on red wine. I'd take red wine over another alcoholic beverage any day (chilled, of course, because apparently I'm a "barbarian"). My boyfriend and I love having just a glass on a weeknight after a long day, or having a glass (or two, hehe) out at dinner. 

I found this monthly wine service called Winc that sends you 4 different bottles of wine every month. Your homegirl usually just buys whatever wine is red and on sale, so this is a great way to help expand my horizons! If you're a basic B like me, then you probably love taking online quizzes (lol come on now, don't deny it!!). So GET THIS. When you first arrive on their website, it leads you to take a quiz to figure out your exact wine flavor preferences (i.e. "How do you like your coffee?" and "How do you feel about salt?"). Then it uses its super smart technology to pick 4 wines that match your taste in wine! It's as simple as that. All you have to do after that is practice your patience and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. 


I've never seen any of these wines in stores either, so I feel like they're extra special. ;) I have a special link that hooks you up with 4 bottles for $40!!! Say what?! Let me know if you try out this service! I know you'll love it. :) 




Savanna Venier