What's In My Gym Bag?

This post was sponsored by Andi - thanks Andi for the amazing bag! All words and thoughts are my own. Any other products mentioned I am simply sharing just because they are products I love.

Most women carry around some sort of purse with them everywhere they go - the mall, the grocery store, the gym, work. I think I might own one, maybe two purses that I break out once or twice a year depending on the situation, and I'm pretty sure they're both from Target circa 2012. 

I'm more of a... gym bag girl. If you ever see me out and about, there's about a 100% chance I'll be in workout gear, no makeup, hair in a frizzy pony tail, and toting a gym bag across my right shoulder. 


Besides the protein bar crumbs, random change, tampons and my wallet, there's a few key items I have with me at all times that you can find in my bag. 


These include:

1. Perform Better Mini Bands (the mini band in my picture is no longer for sale)

These are an essential workout tool I use literally every time I workout. Perfect for glute activation, shoulder prehab and activation exercises, and core exercises. I make sure every single one of my clients uses one of these at the beginning of every workout. Post coming soon showing my mini band warmup exercises!  

2. Pur Gum

Ever since I can remember, I've had such a sensitive stomach. I could never chew normal, run-of-the-mill sugar-free gum unless I wanted severe stomach pains, nausea, and a mad dash to the toilet (not fun). This particular gum and Spry gum have been staples of mine for YEARS now. The flavor might not last as long as regular gum but the flavor is so much better and "pure", completely after-taste free. **Buying Tip** I tend to find this brand on sale at random discounted stores like Marshalls and TJMaxx!! 

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wipes 

Not only do I have a super sensitive stomach, I also have extremely sensitive skin... If my face isn't completely bare for a workout, I expect a breakout by the time the workout is over. If I don't wash my face within a half hour of finishing a sweaty sesh, I expect a pimple or two (please tell me I'm not alone in this?!?) So these are my favorite wipes for before a workout if I had makeup on from a photoshoot (can't have foundation clogging up my pores during a workout!) and my favorite for after a workout if I won't be going straight home to wash my face. 

4. Onnit Shroom Tech Sport

It's like pre-workout without the jittery caffeine buzz that results in an energy crash later on, not to mention all the crappy ingredients that come in most pre-workout tubs. This product is a combination of cordyceps mushroom, ashwagandha, green tea extract, rhodiola, and Methyl B-12, and it's designed to give your workout the extra energy boost it needs some days. My body metabolizes caffeine super slowly, so I am extra affected by even just one cup of Starbucks coffee. That's why I love this product, because it only has a small amount of caffeine from the Green Tea extract!

5. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

This is the OG of chapstick! I've been using this same lip product since middle school!! (Thanks, Mom). I can't say more good things about the ingredients used by Burt's Bees, not to mention the moisturizing color I get from this lip product. Can't believe I've been buying different tints of this same product for a decade now, but it's seriously just that great.

6. Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses 

My poor sunglasses are so scratched up at this point because I always forget to put the dang things in their case (I'm so dumb), but good thing these babies are less than $20!! I really don't deserve "nice" high quality sunglasses, because I just treat them like crap. I'm shocked these sunglasses have lasted in my hands as long as they have lol. Head over to Nordstrom to try on the all the different shade hues!

7. Bath & Body Works Chestnut and Argan Fine Fragrance Mist 

Every time my client would walk into the gym - not kidding - I would exclaim, "Why do you always smell so good?!" She's a sweetheart and hooked me up with some of her body mist for my birthday, and I'm obsessed. No longer available in stores, unfortunately, so you have to get it through the link above.

8. Jaybird Wireless Headphones

Honestly, these probably are not nearly as good as the new Apple Airpods, buttt they're way more affordable and they do the job! I did hardcore research for weeks on the best wireless headphones for getting sweaty, performing plyometrics, running, and the best battery life. These have passed all the tests so far! 

Last but certainly not least, the cute bag from Andi that I'm sporting can be found here.

Hope you loved a little inside peek into my daily products. What must-have items do you carry in your gym bag??